Change the world

NMMU has committed to ending unethical outsourcing practices and is preparing for the insourcing of workers from catering, cleaning, protection services and horticulture services from 2016.

It immediately assured about 826 workers of outsourced companies who render at service at NMMU of the following:

  • An across-the-board minimum wage of R5000 a month (cost to company*) effective as of 1 December
  • That the new minimum wage level come into effect on 1 December until service workers in key sectors are in-sourced
  • During the university shut-down period, such workers will continue to receive the same level of pay and benefits
  • Study benefits currently available to NMMU permanent staff will be available to all service workers employed in outsourced companies
  • Staff currently employed in outsourced services will have access to university clinic services for medical treatment.

(*Cost to company is the total amount that an employer is prepared to pay for the employee and includes all benefits. It is the gross salary.)

Moving forward

A series of meetings will be held between the representatives of organized labour, students, the workers, the outsourced companies and University management to resolve all legal, logistical and HR challenges as the phasing-in of outsourced workers begins in 2016.